Revenue or No Revenue: Stop Hating and Just Enjoy the Ride

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But for each of us, getting cranky, jealous and hateful isn't productive. For me, this is whole ecosystem is fascinating and why I enjoy being an investor. It is a huge challenge to me to play in this topsy-turvy, ever-shifting world. Will I be right? Will I make the right decisions? Or will I lose everything? How can I be smarter and better than everyone else? Will I be lucky? Have I created enough luck? By the way, these decisions I make today may not have results, good or bad, for months, maybe even years. Timing is nearly impossible. Never hating, always learning and improving.

The pace of change is incredibly fast now. Launch Capital's research into the megatrends revealed that the speed of these changes is only going get faster. It can be bewildering to think that investing in revenue generating startups was in vogue only 2-3 years ago and now people are chasing startups that have momentum in users, revenue or no. It could be mere months when the next big shift happens.

I, for one, am enjoying the ride on this rollercoaster and patting those on the back who manage to make money no matter what the market conditions are at that time.

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  • Dina wrote: 02/18/2016 7:18 PM

    That is one big problem faced by every eneteprrneur venturing from india . proximity to valley and deal maker is a must for the success of any venture . success for an Internet start up means being bought or acquired by the big 5 of internet world and to do that you need to be in the valley .i have been told by my friends repeatedly that you might have the best product in world but to close the deal you need to be seen in the valley circuit . A friend of mine who used to live in Silicon Valley during dotcom days and worked for hotmail (yes he made a lot of money from stock ) told me that apart from the engg genius what gave edge to hotmail . another reason was the fact that sabeer bahtia was excellent in networking , he was regular at the cocktail and barbecue parties of valley . it helps if somebody is seen around and among one of them . all this talks of connected world,level playing field and geographically neutral market is not that true.Talking of recognizing opportunity i agree with you that some emerging markets are more suitable for some specific venture . may fave Example is of . Mobile web Application . in this space being in India might work as an advantage in terms of proximity to consumer. but again if your dream is to sell your venture to google and yahoo of world you better have a front end in US. i think one company which is doing it right is Riya , they have there top Management in US and Dev back end in Bangalore . so they have both cost advantage and with good chance of being acquired also . Same is also true for Funding .one interesting aspect here is what these big guys want to buy (tech, idea , revneu or User base ) . i think its the user base . if you have sufficient user base . you will surely catch there attention . Given low PC and Broadband penetration in Indian subcontinent one way out is start from India but focus on Asia , we are sufficiently close to our customer and understand them if we look at the folks in India,China,Japan and Singapore and do something specific to there need it will be tapping a big user base . (which can defect to Google if they choose to copy your idea and give it for free)so the challenge is to make a user base fast enough that it make more sense to yahoo ,google ,msn ,amazon to acquire you than bothering to develop a new application from scratch .i am counting on this for my venture how about you


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