Combating the MIT Problem for Startups

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Don then offers up advice on what to do next, if you didn't get into your school of choice: levitra prezzo in farmacia There are many paths to success
Never stop learning
When a door closes a window opens

All this says to me that you should not quit, and that you should keep at it until you find something that makes sense to work on. This could mean that you should branch out beyond your current areas of experience to find that elusive idea that nobody else has worked on. It could mean that you should join up with someone who has found that elusive idea. Or perhaps you should work on something that is completely different than the area you've trained in. Entrepreneurism is not all internet or tech!

Certainly being patient can also bring rewards. Sometimes stepping away from all this idea generation can spark your creativity more than concentrating your brain on it until your head hurts from hours and hours of trying to figure out an idea to work on.

Or perhaps in a few years, entrepreneurism won't be in vogue any more, and you may find that you're one of the last few entrepreneurial folks standing. All those MIT/Stanford/etc. geniuses competing for money might just go do something else and it might become a great time to work on whatever idea you have.

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