Our Philosophy

  • We enable great people to accomplish great things
  • We are industry agnostic
  • We encourage an unwavering commitment to milestones
  • We appreciate capital efficient companies
  • We look for innovative thinkers and creative solutions
  • We focus on developing entrepreneurs as well as businesses
  • We believe that the entrepreneur is at the center of everything


LaunchCapital Ventures

LaunchCapital was founded in January 2008 and has consistently helped entrepreneurs gain quick access to seed capital, mentorship and achieve success. With investments in over 150 companies, LaunchCapital has a core focus in technology, healthcare, medical, and consumer businesses. The 10 person team has syndicated investments with over 50 venture firms and 1000 angel investors. They currently have offices in Cambridge, MA, New Haven, CT, New York City, San Francisco and Palo Alto.


LaunchCapital Connects Program:

Our LaunchCapital Connects Program is designed to create a collaborative network between our portfolio company CEOs and executives.


LaunchCapital Summits:

On a quarterly basis, we host industry specific conferences that bring together top innovators and executives within our portfolio to share ideas and best practices.  Previous summit topics included mobile growth strategies, software as a service (SaaS) pricing strategies, and FDA regulatory approval process changes.


LaunchCapital Referrals Program:

We believe that good people know other good people. We offer incentives to founders and executives of our current portfolio companies to help us discover the next generation of innovation leaders, making us partners in funding tomorrow’s best.


LaunchCapital Partner Networks:

In cases of exceptional performance, opportunity, and strategy alignment, follow on investments can be made in partnership with the Pritzker/Vlock Family Office.


195 Church Street
17th floor
New Haven, CT 06510

Massachusetts Office

1 Marina Park
Boston, MA 02210


530 Bush Street
Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94108

After working together for 18 months, we built so much trust together that we proactively added LaunchCapital to our Board of Directors.

TJ Sassani, CEO & Founder of zozi

The breadth and quality of Launch's portfolio is what sets it apart. It's a national network of first rate entrepreneurs, all willing and able to help each other out with introductions, feedback, and support.

Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch

Launch backed us when the business was not much more than a vision—their foresight and courage was highly refreshing.

Jules Pieri, Founder & CEO of Daily Grommet