The Instant Generation and the Power of Conversation

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One word of warning: don’t fake it.  I’ve heard many times from friends working at advertising agencies that clients tell them, “Make me one of those viral videos”. *Cringe*.  That statement alone indicates you have no clue about social media.  Things need to grow organically.  Just like you can spot a fake, so can we and we will call you on it – or maybe worse, ignore you altogether.  Pull us into the conversation and keep us engaged, don’t push things on us.

We realize social media can be a scary place for businesses.  There’s little control over your message, it’s not an established marketing platform, and there’s no clear-cut ROI.   But that’s short-term thinking.  Show our generation an ad and we’ll think about you for a second.  Engage us in a conversation and we’ll become long-term advocates.

Oh, hold on, I just got a text…

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