Help with Board Meetings

Recently an entrepeneur asked me about holding board meetings, and what kinds of things are discussed at them. I sent him these most excellent posts:

Running More Effective Board Meetings at Startups by Mark Suster

Here are some favorites from Brad Feld's blog:

Ideal Board Meetings

Board of Directors: The Agenda

Great Board Meetings

Board Meetings - Do The Formal Stuff First

Sample Board Meeting Minutes

I also had this outline of a typical board meeting. Here are some of the usual topics discussed:

  1. Administrative and Legal (Chairman & Atty)
    1. Status of Prior Minutes.
    2. Status of Prior Consents.
  2. Financials - Review & Update (CFO/CEO)
  3. Operations Update (CEO)
  4. Sales Update (CEO)
  5. Marketing Update (CEO)
  6. Staffing Update (CEO)
  7. [Status of any Company Disputes] (CEO, VP, Atty)
  8. Compensation Considerations (CEO, CFO)
  9. Strategic/Business Alliance and General Business Update (CEO)
  10. Calendar
    1. Board and Committee Calendar Review.
    2. Annual Shareholders Meeting.
  11. Other Business (All)
  12. Adjourn

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