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  • Give Hardware a Chance

    The physical and digital worlds are colliding. The most exciting recent mobile innovation has been the product of the growing inclusion of the physical world.  Accelerometers, GPS and NFC tags have enabled mobile devices to expand beyond being merely one-way portals to the digital world. From activity trackers to location-based deals, mobile devices have demonstrated… Continue

  • The Experience Economy

    Are you dreaming about a white picket fence and two-car garage? Want the newest Rolex or gas guzzling Range Rover? While the 1990s and 2000s saw the rise of McMansions, MTV Cribs, and “Bling, Bling”, more recently we’ve seen a shift in consumer patterns from owning things to “experiencing” things. The movement, which we are… Continue

  • Presidential Economic Policy: A Side by Side Comparison

    Over the past couple months the Launch Capital Research Team has been working to update our annual Megatrends predictions. Part of this process is to consider some of the more diffuse determinants of economic development: resource scarcity (both human and material), environmental conditions, geography and inevitably politics. Although the causational relationship between the economy and… Continue

  • Efficient Research: The Lean VC Way

    LaunchCapital sees a lot of deal flow. In 2011, our team saw over 2,500 deals, 285 of which made it to some sort of diligence phase. With 2 (now 3) Analysts/Associates spending the 65 – 75% of our time on diligence, deals tend to bottleneck and efficiency is essential. While “social proof” is an efficient… Continue

  • Macroeconomic Indicators Update

    In the wake of the lackluster update to the ‘jobs report’ that was recently released, I thought I’d post a quick update regarding the macroeconomic data that we used in our MegaTrends Infographic.  We recently refreshed the data to include the year to date.  Below are the updated graphs and some brief thoughts: Percent Change From… Continue

  • The Economy as an Accelerant

    Definition: Accelerants play a major role in chemistry. Most chemical reactions can be hastened with an accelerant. Accelerants are catalysts which alter a chemical bond, speed up a chemical process, or bring organisms back to homeostasis. An accelerant can be any substance that can bond, mix, or disturb another substance and cause an increase in… Continue

  • Questions to Ask When Joining a Venture Fund

    (Authored by David Shen, LaunchCapital’s West Coast Director) Before I joined Launch Capital, I spent some time with my future manager on how we would work together.  Joining a fund in many ways is like joining a typical company, but in many ways it is definitely not.  I asked him a battery of questions which… Continue

  • Announcing our New West Coast Director

    At LaunchCapital, we spend a lot of time fostering networks.  For example, we have programs that actively connect like-minded portfolio companies with each other so they can share experiences and key insights into their customers, markets and products.  Occasionally, it becomes obvious that people within our network should also be under our umbrella. With that,… Continue