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  • Why your revenue projections aren’t big enough for some VCs

    I just read a great post over the weekend by Michael Dempsey: Why your startup idea isn’t big enough for some VCs. In the post, Michael explains how VCs think through whether or not you’re startup is big enough for them to invest in. In short, VC returns follow a power law distribution meaning that… Continue

  • Wary of the Earnings Cliff

    The word “uncertainty” tends to dominate economic news these days. Political uncertainty regarding the “fiscal cliff”, Washington’s self-imposed deadline that results in automatic tax increases and the repeal of the Bush tax cuts, turmoil in Europe, and a general slowdown in demand across Asia and the Eurozone have kept U.S. corporations on the sidelines in… Continue

  • Innovating in a Downturn

    In early November 2008, I held an “all hands” meeting for all of the executives in our portfolio.  At the time, we had 12 active investments and 3 passive investments.  The message that LaunchCapital was delivering was simple and clear: the financial crisis will drastically affect your fund raising efforts.  In order to make it… Continue