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  • Talking It Up: Launch Capital and Betaworks Voicecamp 2017

    “Alexa, turn on kitchen.” “Alexa, timer set 16 minutes.” It may seem like I’m talking to air, but I’m not; these are words I utter literally every day to my Amazon Echo in my kitchen. I’ve had my Echo since it first came out and I hopped onto its waitlist for purchase. When it first… Continue

  • Megatrends 2013

    As a seed/early stage VC we spend the majority our time and effort focusing on a very small piece of the world. While we believe early stage venture capital is certainly a critical piece to the economy, which takes on the necessary investment risk to help spur technological innovation and future economic growth, we realize… Continue

  • Wary of the Earnings Cliff

    The word “uncertainty” tends to dominate economic news these days. Political uncertainty regarding the “fiscal cliff”, Washington’s self-imposed deadline that results in automatic tax increases and the repeal of the Bush tax cuts, turmoil in Europe, and a general slowdown in demand across Asia and the Eurozone have kept U.S. corporations on the sidelines in… Continue

  • The Random Walk Gene

    So you have just closed on your $1m seed round.  You’re excited and ready to get to work.  The first thing you do is contact TechCrunch and PandoDaily to get some PR, hire a few engineers, a marketing person and begin paying yourself.  Your burn moves from $15k per month to $75k per month overnight. … Continue

  • MegaTrends Infographic

    Towards the end of last year, my fellow associate, John Lanahan, and I started collaborating on a research project.  The goal of the project was to distill our views on the broader macro economy into discernible trends, which would inform LaunchCapital investment decisions moving forward.  The practice itself was nothing new – the LaunchCapital team… Continue

  • First Impressions with the Lytro

    Last week I got my Lytro from pre-order in the mail and was excited to try it out in the field. I went to the California Academy of Sciences in SF to see what it could do. About the Industrial Design It fit well in the hand, although I was very scared of it slipping… Continue

  • The Physical Store Analogy for Internet Competition

    Today I just sent this email to a buddy of mine working on a startup: If [competitor.com] was a physical store on a street and you wanted to build a store right next to them, what would you build? Would you build exactly the same store or would you do something different? I always talk… Continue

  • The Case for Hardware + Software + Internet Startups

    “Makers are enthusiasts who hack and modify the world around them in interesting and whimsical ways. Tools and services that used to be inaccessible to all but large manufacturers are now available to everyone. Foreign factories that were impenetrable before are now an email away. Design software costing thousands of dollars per seat is freely… Continue

  • Quantified Me

    It all started back in 2002 when I signed up for my first triathlon and joined Team in Training to help prepare me for it. It also set me on my big science experiment which was “how fast can Dave Shen really go?” You see, I had a lot of negativity surrounding my first (and… Continue

  • Email Innovation Lacking, Still a Huge Opportunity, Hard to Exploit

    For the last two weeks or so, I was having a ton of Mac problems. It seemed that my OS had gotten corrupted, so I thought that upgrading to OSX Lion would clean up the OS and upgrade me since I was going to do it eventually. The nightmare that threw me into is probably… Continue

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