About LaunchCapital

Board of Directors

Michael Vlock and Karen Pritzker

cialis tabletten teilen manages a broad portfolio of public equities, consumer, biotech, industrial and
medical equipment and technology businesses, several venture funds, real
estate, and has substantial private equity ownership of Global Hyatt
Corporation, TransUnion LLC, Triton Container International Corporation and
the Marmon Group. They are involved in numerous national philanthropic
efforts individually and through their family foundation with emphasis on literacy,
education, medicine, theatre and land preservation.

viagra nhs how many Mr. Vlock received a B.A. from Hampshire College and a J.D. from
Boston College School of Law.


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New Haven, CT 06510

Massachusetts Office

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Boston, MA 02210


viagra helyett Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94108


Connect with Us

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Chris Hulls, CEO at Life360

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Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG

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Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch